Ignite The Nation


    This year’s reunion, the Ignite the Nation Homecoming event, is organized and sponsored by the Ateneo High School Class of 1996, who will be celebrating their silver anniversary.

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    Learn more about our projects for the beneficiaries of this event and how you can help.

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    This homecoming is a unique event because we will all be gathering in a digital simulation of a physical space. Learn more about how to enter and have fun in this alternate reality.


As St. Ignatius sought to connect people with God on a deeper, more spiritual level and motivate them to act, we sought a call to action to invoke movement or motion – one that would inspire as well as connote passion – it had to be contagious. The key message we were looking for was: Hope in Action. With this call to act, we were then further inspired with a play upon “Ignatian” – a word which resonated with us as being immediately and singularly identifiable with Ateneo, and completely “ownable” by our batch. Hence was borne our theme, IGNITE THE NATION.

DONATE to our beneficiaries

Let’s get together and help others together! Make the Ignite the Nation Homecoming event even more meaningful by learning more about our beneficiaries and making a donation right here.

for sale

Commemorate our Homecoming with these premium one-of-a-kind items especially designed by the Class of 1996 and ready for purchase. All proceeds will go to support Tulong Dunong and the Order of the Blue Eagles.


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This year’s homecoming celebration is sponsored and organized by AHS Batch 1996. The virtual event will be streamed on December 4, 2021 at [time], Manila time.

Join our

For this year’s Ignite the Nation Homecoming event, we will all meet and gather on Kumospace. Kumospace is a new, interactive and immersive way for us to reunite. In the Virtual Hall, we can actively mingle and talk amongst ourselves in groups or be part of the bigger collective as if we were in an actual, physical space.