Ignite The Nation

Homecoming Livestream

This year’s homecoming celebration is sponsored and organized by AHS Batch 1996. The virtual event will be streamed on December 4, 2021 at 6PM, Manila time.

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YouTube Livestream

Get ready to join our Ignite the Nation homecoming event. Streaming live exclusively on YouTube on December 4, 6PM. Click here http://bitly.ws/jPV3.

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Facebook Livestream

You may also watch our Ignite the Nation homecoming event live on Facebook. Just follow this https://bit.ly/ITN21FB.

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Ignite the Nation Virtual Hall

For this year’s Ignite the Nation Homecoming event, we will all meet and gather on Kumospace.

Kumospace is a new, interactive and immersive way for us to reunite. In the Virtual Hall, we can actively mingle and talk amongst ourselves in groups or be part of the bigger collective as if we were in an actual, physical space.

Not only is the Virtual Hall the ideal venue in these social-distanced times, it is also a creative alternative for enjoying the homecoming with our batchmates and friends. The main platform for streaming and viewing the event, however, will still be on YouTube.

The Spatial Audio feature allows you to listen and converse among those within proximity, as if at an actual event, or choose to listen or converse with everyone within the hall. Attendees can also navigate the space with their cursors, with their profile pics on display if their cameras are activated.

Our Kumospace room will be designed and set up to resemble familiar places such as our classrooms or other hang-out areas from around the campus.

You can connect to the Ignite the Nation Virtual Hall in 3 easy steps:
Visit the official Ignite the Nation Kumospace at https://www.kumospace.com/ignitethenation2021
Sign in with your Google account
Enter the space, mingle and enjoy!