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Get to know your AHS and College brethren who are also celebrating their anniversaries this year.

Jubilarian Celebrant

The High School Class of 1971 is part of a bigger band of classmates from Ateneo High School and College, including Batch ‘67 (Grade School), Batch ‘75 and ‘76 (College) who have come together to form the King of the Blues (KOB).

One of their prime projects is the Football Club Bilibid (FCB), an outreach program launched in November of 2014 to help children of prison inmates by training them in the sport of football, forming clubs and getting them to compete in various events and earning college scholarships along the way. It also includes a feeding program, which entails providing 2 meals for at least 30 deserving kids during the school year and providing 35-40 breakfast meals during the summer. The KOB also spearheaded Catechism classes for the kids since these are not usually provided in public schools.

Apart from the training, the nutrition program and the spiritual guidance, the KOB have also provided these children with uniforms, football shoes and other necessary equipment to play the sport, including licensed home grown coaches to train them properly.

So far, the dedication of the KOB and the members of the FCB have paid off, with consistent wins in their age groups and a steady influx of kids who want to join the team. .

The KOB also supported the families of these children during this pandemic, offering food, blankets, and medicine.

The HS Class of 1971, along with their KOB brothers, have proven that it is possible to make a difference in the lives of others, just as the Jesuits taught them, as “Men for Others”.

Jubilarian Celebrant

Sama Na Kapatid – College 1991 Comes Together
by Rufi Parpan
College 1991’s Core Group was activated in 2016 in preparation for our Silver Anniversary at that year’s Grand Alumni homecoming. A very well-attended “Quad Takeover” event was held on campus tht November which created great momentum, leading to about 80 from Class ‘91 showing up at the December Homecoming.

Hundreds of pictures captured the spirit of that night. From then our anchor events would be sponsoring Sunday masses at the Church of the Gesu at least twice a year and an annual on-campus Recollection held every November.

We too have not been spared of the health threats brought by the pandemic. A batchmate has succumbed and so have a number of immediate family members, while others continue to get infected and suffer from COVID 19. We decided to set up an online Prayer Room so that we could all be more aware and able to support each other.

High School '96

We started in the 1st year wing in the quadrangle and then we ended our 4th year in the same quadrangle. The rooms were renovated for us and the quad also. We were the first to have the Alternative Class Day that would be known as Klaseng Ibang Klase (KLIK). We were the last to have uniforms and the first to have togas. We were the batch that Fr. Tito Caluag graduated in his first year as AHS Principal. While we were seniors, the Katipunan flyover connecting Katipunan with White Plains was finished. A lot may have changed from the time we left the high school grounds but the memories will always remain. On our 25th year, we are coming home once again. We are Ateneo High School Batch 1996.

For the run up to this year’s 30th Anniversary, the Core Group reconvened late last year. A Zoom planning session teeming with ideas made us excited to do so many things. Because of the pandemic, we realized that our event should be as relevant as possible to the times. We acknowledging our circles of influence and used this as a guide to channel our efforts.

We also adopted “Sama Na Kapatid” as our tagline as that sense of brotherhood and sisterhood truly represented what we already felt across the batch.

 To keep the spirit alive, the Core Group agreed to host quarterly masses in March, June, and August, with a General Assembly after the mass in June. The Core Group facilitated interaction, exchange of stories and updates, ending with a nostalgic session of fun trivia questions that got everyone wanting more.

downloads from batchmates who are experts in their respective fields – wth open discussions to follow. In April, we had our valedictorian and renowned psychologist Rhea Lopa-Ramos talk about “Self Care During The Pandemic.”

Our next event, Kapatiran With Fr Bobby Yap was an online session where got updated on how the University has evolved over the 30 years since we left its halls. We also had a candid conversation with the University President where we shared our thoughts and asked how best we could support his initiatives. [pic 10]

For the balance of the year, we will have another batch mass on November 14, our annual Recollection on November 21, and a Simbang Gabi mass on December 20. 

2022 will see the launch of our Kapatid Ko projects aimed at helping batchmates in need. Talks have already begun on programs to assist and benefit particular sectors of the University. The kinship that started more than 30 years ago has certainly grown and gotten deeper in our batch. Armed with a sense of Magis and AMDG as a guiding principle, we continue to strive to live lives of excellence in all we do, for the greater glory of God.

Jubilarian Celebrant

Ateneo Class 71 is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Among the many wonderful plans of our class to commemorate a long lifetime of opportunities, achievements and blessings from God is to share our good fortune with the elderly poor, starting in the province of Batangas.

Aging is a difficult process for many – particularly for the elderly poor in the rural areas. They are often lonely and unhappy, hungry and unhealthy without food, security and access to maintenance medicine and health services.

Class ’71 thru Seniors Faith Club connects the privileged in the city with the elderly poor in the countryside, starting with the towns of San Jose, Cuenca, Tuy, Calatagan and Balete in Batangas.

The elderly are gathered once a month at Paraiso in Barangay Sabang, San Jose for a day of fun, fellowship and a feast of healthy buffet of organic products from the farm. It gives the forgotten and lonely a Day each Month to Look Forward to.

For a monthly donation from Col ’71 classmates and friends we provide to 50 of our neglected and lonely indigent senior citizens in the rural areas a day to remember that their life has value and hope.

With help, our group can easily fill the requirements for the months leading to December 2021.

Jubilarian Celebrant
Grade School '71

AGS 71

The Golden Jubilarian Batch of Ateneo Grade School 1971 (AGS71) is proud to be part of Ignite the Nation and are grateful for the invitation from AHS Batch 96 and the Ateneo Alumni Association (AAA).

As part of the Golden Jubilee, our batch started a Fund drive for the Fr. Salty de la Rama Scholarship Fund and for the much-needed repairs for the Wall of Service of the Ateneo Grade School. Apart from raising funding, we were also able to donate 50 Commemorative 16Gb Flash Drives which we turned over to Grade School Headmaster Sir Jervy M. Robles.

Fr. Bobby Yap was also there with us, along with this year’s AAA Awardee Jose Singson, Jojo de la Rama (Fr. Salty’s brother), Jay Cruz (AHS75 Class President) and representing our GS71 batch, Norman Reyes.