Ignite The Nation


Before our Homecoming, we’ll be spreading our message of inspiration and action to digital storytellers with our Ignite the Nation Video Making Contest. Learn more about the contest rules, themes and prizes here

Ignite the NATION

The 2020 Alumni Homecoming was named a Hopecoming because we needed hope to deal with the shock of the

This 2021, HOPE without ACTION is not enough. We are called by the spirit of MAGIS to do more than HOPE. Through our ACTIONS, we will IGNITE THE NATION and transform that HOPE into a lasting ACTION and a meaningful difference.

The goal is to create a video to RAISE AWARENESS of how the ASHS is able to IGNITE THE NATION and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of our community partners and advocacies and to INSPIRE OTHERS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE .



Form groups of 3-4 members

Make a 3 minute video (PSA/Dokyu/Advert).

Coordinate with your CLE/TD/CSIP teacher about video topic.

Participating students and ALL minors in the video will need parental permission for videos to be uploaded on Ateneo Homecoming sites and social media pages.

Videos become property of the Ateneo Homecoming batch and will be used for promoting the Homecoming and its beneficiaries the Tulong Dunong Scholarship Fund and the Order of the Blue Eagles Fund.


10% Originality and Creativity

How original and creative is the concept or premise?

20% Cinematography, Pacing, and Structure

How well does the choice of shot and cinematography support the message?
How well done is the timing of the action and unfolding or development of the message?

20% Music Score and Sound Quality

Does the film use a royalty-free music score suited to the film and how well does it help tell the story?
How clear and unhindered by any noise or music score is the dialogue?

25% Message Effectiveness

How does the film clearly depict the message of the charity or cause it represents? How well Is the charity/cause clearly
identified and is the message effective and/or thought-provoking?

25% Call to Action: Ignite the Nation

How well does the film create a desire in the viewer to make a change, spread the message further or respond to a call to action?



To be donated to the Tulong Dunong Scholarship Fund and Order of the Blue Eagles in the winners’ names: